.NET Framework 3.5 will be released with source code

By mOrPhie on Thursday 4 October 2007 15:44 - Comments (3)
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As anyone can read on Scott’s page Microsoft decided to release the source code (with comments) of the .NET Framework (not the CLR as some blogs might make you think), beginning with V3.5. This is a big thing. But I want to tell you why.

There are several disassembly tools available for .NET which allow you to disassambly an assembly into source code. When you want to see what happens in System.Threading, just disassemble. But, it won’t provide you with debugging symbols. The result is you need to read it line by line when you want to figure something out. Hooray for Scott, because this release won’t just include the source code, but also debugging symbols, which are dynamically (down)loaded from the MSDN in VS 2008. Hence, the big thing. Great stuff. :-)