iPhone problems

By mOrPhie on Sunday 8 July 2007 15:44 - Comments are closed
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I have a problem. And it is not the iPhone itself. It’s the fact that I like the device. I really think the iPhone is a huge leap forward in mobile devices. It utilizes a full operating system with accellerated graphics and sound, an indexed file system, based on unix. It runs great software and the hardware features are cool too. A accellerometer, a proximity sensor and multitouch display. It is a piece of art. Apple really made a nice phone. Ok, it lacks GPS, 3G and the ability to run Java or other 3rth party software, but that is something that will become possible in later versions.

“So, what’s the problem?”, you ask. Well, if I tell people I like the iPhone, I instantanuously become a “brainwashed Apple fanboy bowing down for Steve Jobs”. But that isn’t the case. I like the iPhone in a professional kind of way. I love software when it’s good. And apart from security (not really my domain) I can tell this is great software. It breaks us away from static mobile phones. It really is helpfull, more intuitive and more fun to use. But that doesn’t matter to the Apple basher. It is “cool” to bash Apple fans and telling them over and over again what the phone lacks.

I don’t care. I like the phone. But please stop the speeches about how I don’t have my own opinion! I like the phone, because I like it. Not because it’s a hype.